Jack O'Lantern

10/07/2012 01:36:00 PM

     Halloween isn't really celebrated too much in Russia. It's a fairly new, non-traditional holiday that came from the west. No one really celebrates this at home (which means no trick-or-treating or haunted houses -insert sad face here-), but there are some cafés and clubs that try to seem "cool" by having decorations and costumes parties and such.
     Anyway, last night, my friend Vova (short for Vladimir) ran into a "babushka" (Russian: бабушка - grandma/old lady) selling some pumpkins when he went on a Shawarma run (Yes, like in the end of The Avengers), so he bought it and brought it to our friend Kirill's house. After we shared a GIANT muffin and played a round of Hold'em we carved the pumpkin and made a small Jack-O-Lantern. It was an awesome night! Especially since I definitely didn't expect to carve a pumpkin this year! =)

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  1. No doubt that Halloween is an "outlander" that is accepted here by youth mainly or the ones, who are connected with USA or GB somehow. I found it rather odd of adopting foreign holidays and leaving native ones behind.

  2. I fawking hate those Google captchas...

  3. Hello Riqo,

    thanks for such light-spirited and upbeat blog about my Motherland. you've inspired my American husband to yet again learn more Russian.

    your friend Vova's sister Katya