Lucky Tickets

11/15/2012 03:27:00 PM

    Upon boarding most above-ground public transport, you will do two things:
          1. Pay the conductor.
          2. Receive a ticket that looks something like this...

     Basically, this little piece of paper is given to you so that the conductor can keep track of the people who've payed their fare. As you may have already noticed, it has a six digit number printed on it. Because of the uselessness of this ticket and (what I can safely assume) boredom caused by using public transport, a little tradition was born; "Lucky Tickets"

          This is a lucky ticket (a.k.a. Happy Ticket)...

     The tradition goes...When you get a lucky ticket, you should eat your ticket and whatever you wish for will come true. I don't know if it's true. I've never tried it, but there does exist an urban legend, that someone saved all their tickets for a year and ate them on New Year's Eve and of course, in the tradition of urban legends, died! 

          Here is a picture of a regular ticket and a "Lucky Ticket" next to each other. See if you can guess what makes a ticket lucky. 

Hint: It's not the color and it has to do with the number

     At this point, most of you are wondering, "What the hell is the difference?..."
Although, very few of you are wondering, "How the HELL did you take this picture if both of your hands are in the picture?!" The answer to the second, is neither here nor there, but I will explain the first.

     A "Lucky Ticket" is, when the sum of the first 3 numbers of the 6 digit number equal the sum of the last 3 digits of the 6 digit number... Ex. 443281 ---> 443|281 ---> 4+4+3 = 11 and 2+8+1 = 11

     I can hear you guys already... "Riqo! That's it?!"
Yeup! That's it! It's a simple little tradition that everyone knows, kills a little time, and gives you a little bit of joy and possibly a smile when you do get one. Although, I have yet to find someone who actually eats, or has eaten a lucky ticket, everyone says they do, in an attempt to make me eat one.
Not gonna happen!

     When I first heard about this little tradition, I refused to eat a ticket, but for a period of time I did check to see if I got one. When I did get one, I saved it in my wallet. I did this for about 8 months. 

     Here is my (albeit small) collection of lucky tickets...

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  1. Все прикольно. Только было бы не плохо если бы ты блог вел еще и на

  2. I wonder if you could get indigestion from eating this germ-filled stuff...

  3. One day my friend ate his lucky ticket. It was very funny when after that conductor asked him for the ticket. He had to buy another one.

  4. This is the case for all Russia but Moscow where "classic" tickets had been changed for electronic pass cards.

  5. i found a lucky ticket in a cave in Portugal! thanks for explaining! I dont think ill be eating it though...