Russian Live Radio!

2/05/2013 01:00:00 AM

So, recently I was invited to the radio station, "Комсомольская Правда" (English transliteration: Komsomol'skaya Pravda) to talk about stereotypes and answer live radio calls. The guys there were very nice, made me feel welcome and invited me for a visit in the near future. The event was in Russian, (Sorry to my non-Russian speaking readers!) and I must excuse myself for my poor Russian (I spoke worse because I was nervous! I'm usually not bad, I swear!). Here are some photos and a short video of some of the questions!

P.S. Anyone who wants to listen to the full audio may do so here, (just scroll to the bottom of the post and press play!)

P.S.S. Special thanks to my good friend Sergey Plaxienko for standing by me in case I needed help with anything! He's a great and wise person, and if you can read Russian check out his blog!

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