Soviet Camera

4/29/2013 02:40:00 PM

My wife and I share an interest in photography, and if you're into photography you've probably heard of the old soviet cameras. They're famous for their quality and I figured since I'm in Russia, it shouldn't be hard to find one...

Well it wasn't, and it was pretty damn cheap too (at least nowadays)! I figured I'd take some pictures of the camera and upload some of the pictures she took with it, so you can check it out...

But first...Why a film camera? Well, for one; They are pretty popular now, since they take good quality pictures and are cheap. And two; it's really fun. It's definitely a different experience then what most people have taking pictures. Whether it be your DSLR or your phone, you have an instant review of what you just shot, but with film, you don't see what you shot until later. Sometimes, you don't even remember what you shot and have a nice surprise when you look at your developed film.

It's a Zenit 11 ('81-'90)

It has a nice protective hard case with a strap.

hard plastic...

and leather

Helios 44M (58mm) lens F/2.0-16

Aperture Ring
It also has a light sensor.

And 2 more pictures... for science

Light meter (recommended shutter speed)
So, here are some of the pictures taken on both B&W and Color film. Keep in mind, these are unedited.


Unfortunately, the B&W film was a bit noisy =( but that's the film not the camera.
Old New Year : Behind the scenes

24 hours

"I had fun once, it was awful." - Cat

So, that was a bit of information about our Soviet camera. Feel free to add anything in the comments.
Hope you liked it!
Until next time!

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  1. У меня тоже дома есть Зенит-11, 85-86 года выпуска )))

  2. Where did you buy it? (Im in novosibirsk also bro)

    1. I bought it at Дом Быта on Красный Проспект. It was relatively cheap too.