Eastern Easter

5/07/2013 02:25:00 AM

So, yesterday (May 5th) was (Eastern) Easter Sunday (Western Easter falling on March 31st this year). I'm not religious, but I figured that I might as well tell you guys a little about it, and some of it's individualities.

Apart from falling on a different day, they have a unique tradition of what I like to refer to as, "Egg Battles". People still paint eggs, but they do it just a bit different, no big deal, but what you guys might think is a big deal, is: No Easter Egg Hunts! I actually learned about this earlier, when I realized that the term, "Easter Egg" in reference to video games or movies was lost on some people.

After painting the eggs, they engage in the aforementioned "Battle of the Eggs". Two people each take an egg in their hand and hit them together until one of them breaks, this egg then becomes the 'winner' and moves on to the next round. Eventually, people start taking pride in their egg, saying things like, "My egg has won 5 'battles'!" Sometimes you'll even have a snake who sneaks in a wooden egg to beat everybody else.

They also have a special Easter cake, called "Пасхальный кулич" (Transliteration: pas-hal-nee koo-leech). As the name implies, it's a tradition to eat this cake on Easter. I haven't had it, but it looks pretty tasty.

Another thing that's pretty interesting, is the "Easter greeting". People either say it in person, by text or their favorite social network. Where we usually just say the simple, "Happy Easter",  their greeting is, "Христос воскресе!" (Transliteration: hree-stos  vos-kres-ye), nowadays the second word is shortened to "воскрес" (Transliteration: vos-kres), because the former sounds rather archaic. And the reply... When someone says (or in some most cases writes) this to you, you should reply with "Воистину воскресе!" (Transliteration: vo-east-ee-nu  vos-kres-ye), this reply is also shortened as stated above. But, what does this mean? It means, "Christ is risen!" and the reply, "Indeed, he is risen!". I know there are a few people who say this in the US, but it's a lot more popular here.

So, those were a few of the interesting things about Easter. Feel free to add anything I might have missed in the comments.
Hope you liked it! Until next time!

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