1885 Morgan Silver Dollar

4/04/2014 03:34:00 PM

Ok, so I know I haven't written in a while and I'm sorry, but now I have an interesting story I think is worth sharing!

So, my friend Anton is walking down the street, when he sees an old friend. Naturally, he stops to catch up. While they're talking, a beggar comes up and asks for some money. Anton answers that he doesn't have any change to give. The beggar then offers to sell him something instead, thinking that getting something in return might be more convincing than just giving a handout. Anton asks what this gentleman is selling. At this point the man pulls out two coins...

At first, the man wanted 150 rubles (roughly 5$ US) for both coins, but Anton talked him down to 30 rubles a coin (roughly 1$ US). The man agrees. The transaction is made. Afterwards, Anton asks the man how he obtained these coins.
Here's the interesting and sad part...

The man is a veteran and during his time in Vladivostok someone gave him these coins as a gift.

I'm not sure how dear these coins were to this man, but it makes me a little sad that he had to sell them for some money. Although, Anton is happy and thinks it's amazing that the coins traveled so far to get to his hands (We are in Novosibirsk). As soon as he saw me, he came up to me and asked me what I knew about them and if he got ripped off. We checked online, the prices vary from source to source, but we found them as low as 1$ US,  some up to 7,750$ US for what seems to be the same coin!
*(Although, I'm no coin expert, or do I claim to be)
and this one (same year, mint condition) sold for 36,400$ US!

We found a webpage saying, "While all Morgan silver dollars with the coveted "CC" mint mark of Carson City are sought after by collectors, the 1885-CC stands out as being very scarce even in lower grades." And that's just the first coin! *Of course we have to also check and see if they are fakes or replicas and whatnot. We couldn't find too much information about the second coin, so we're still a bit in the dark about it. I'll update you guys when we get some more info! 

UPDATE: Unfortunately, after closer inspection, it was brought to our attention that some of the stars were crooked, but the biggest giveaway was the material, it has a different luster and weight than it should (it was lighter). Oh well, Anton is out 5$, no biggie.

Whatever the value may be, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to share this interesting story with you guys.

As always, I hope you liked it!
Feel free to comment if you want, whether it be to add info or ask some questions!
See you next time! 

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