Odd Days

12/03/2014 01:03:00 PM

Hey guys, it's definitely been a while! Some of you may be wondering, where I am and what I've been up to. I'm still here. I've just been pretty busy with life and some other projects. One in particular stands out, it was a ton of fun to work on and I wanted to share it with you, but before I do, I must confess that this post is a little different than my usual posts, it's doesn't really tell you anything about Russia, just a bit about me. So let's begin...

The name of the film is Odd Days (obviously). This is the movie poster from the official website which can be reached by clicking the picture. 

So, for "Riqo in Russia" I spend a lot of time in front of the camera. Mostly all of it, actually. I'm usually limited to a tripod, someone helping me, by standing behind the camera, checking focus and pushing record, and at most some simple pans and stuff like that. Thus, I don't really get a chance to show you guys how I handle the camera. For this project I worked as the camera operator.
I also got to work with a good, and extremely talented, friend of mine, who is the bass player for the band FPRF, the band who made the soundtrack for the film. 
Although, it was my first time even hearing of Arnost Bedrich. So, a little backstory... 

My friend Zhenya (FPRF) worked really closely with Arnost in the early stages of "Odd Days" since his band was to make the soundtrack. Zhenya had seen my work before and thought that maybe I'd be up to the task. He introduced me to Arnost and I was asked if I wanted to work on the project. I thought it was a great idea and was right in thinking that the experience would follow suit. I agreed and that was it. I met the crew, we talked and discussed the ideas, arranged shooting days and got to it.

So, about the film...
The trailer is a bit fast-paced, and if you don't have an idea of what the film is about, it might be hard to catch the idea. So, here's the official description...

Arnošt Bedřich draws twilight experiences of a former police inspector Grushski, who ceased to distinguish how fiction and reality coalesce in his protracted investigation. This case has turned into insuperable madness and gradually drives the self-proclaimed detective towards tragic consequences, merging him deeper and deeper into a bloody abyss of insanity. 

The trailer

Oooh, sounds interesting right?! It is! And it was really interesting and fun to shoot! I had a blast and would participate in another project like this in a heartbeat. I got a ton of new experience and did a few things I'd never done before. For example, hanging off the side of a bridge to get a good shot below, or sitting on the hood of a moving car, multiple times. It was a bit scary, yet awesome! We did whatever we had to do to get the shots. Here are a few behind the scenes photos...

If you liked the trailer or you're anything like me, then you probably can't wait to see the film. Me too, but... there isn't a release date! I haven't seen it yet and don't know when or if it will ever be finished. Ok, let me explain with a little more backstory. Remember when I said that I'd never heard of Arnost Bedrich? None of us had! Who is he?! Arnost Bedrich is a Czech Director / Filmmaker. This may seem like the reason I had never met him before, being that I'm a pretty average guy who lives in Russia, but it's not. The reason I had never met Arnost before, is because he didn't exist! "Arnost Bedrich" is the pseudonym given to the group of people (Filmmakers, Directors, Editors, etc.) who worked to realize the idea of "Odd Days". More backstory...

The idea of "Odd Days" didn't start off as a movie. The soundtrack was made first, and only then was the movie centered around the music. It may sound weird, to make the music first and then make the movie after, but it doesn't stop there. "The movie" isn't a 'movie' at all.
'But what about the sponsors?!" "The website?!" "There is a real OST!" 
The idea was to shoot a trailer to bring attention to the "Odd Days"album.
That's right!
The plan was simply to shoot a trailer.
Nothing more.
The 'movie' does not exist, although I wouldn't mind if it did. I still think the idea is awesome, and if we put as much effort into shooting the movie as we did the trailer, I'm sure the movie wouldn't be half-bad.
What do you think? Let us know! Do you want to see
"Odd Days" The Movie?

Here's a still from the trailer. It's awesome, and I'll give you a hint as to why.

I'm still amazed at the effort put into this. Pay attention to the names.
Richard Gizela. Sound familiar? It might, if you know my real name! =)
If you know some of the people connected with this project, you might be able to guess the rest.

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  1. Hi Rico!Your video about Russia is very interesting really looking forward to new ones!