Las Vegas!

1/20/2016 09:45:00 PM

Hey guys! As I mentioned before, I'm now in the US. I haven't had a chance to shoot a new blog video, and I'm still working to finish "10 Holy Shi... Facts about Russia", but I did make a short video while walking around Vegas and getting some shots. If you're curious what Las Vegas looks like, or what I can do with a camera when it's not pointed at my face, here it is. I present to you...

Music by Novosibirsk's own FPRF

For those of you interested in the backstory or technical side...
I shoot on a Canon 6D. I've been using Magic Lantern since I shot on my 550D and I'm a huge fan. For those of you that don't know, Magic Lantern is a piece of software that enhances the capabilities of Canon cameras and enables or adds certain features, one of them being raw recording. I've been playing with this feature for a while, but my cards couldn't handle the write speed, so the results weren't promising. I recently bought some new cards, so I decided to get some nice shots when the opportunity presented itself. I shot while walking around my neighborhood and city, to test out the new cards, see how the shots came out, and maybe use them for something later.

Since I've been gone, Las Vegas has had some new additions, one of which, made this video possible: The Observation wheel at the Linq Hotel and Casino. My wife and I wanted to ride it, so we went and brought our cameras to see what kind of footage we could get. She shot photos and I, video. We weren't allowed to bring a tripod or monopod, so all of my shots were handheld and stabilized later. I was surprised at how well the shots came out and how many good/usable ones there were, so I decided to piece them together to make a short video.

The video has quite the contrast. The beginning shows Las Vegas in a way that non-residents aren't used to seeing. It was shot on the outskirts of the city, away from all of the casinos. The second half, is the Vegas that everyone knows: Flashing lights and casinos.

I learned a lot from this project and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!

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